Navtex Decoder Screen

When I use the Navtex decoder, I am offered the choice of "Messages" or "Map" (or both). "Messages seems to work as expected, but the "Map" is of Vietnam. I am in Scotland, and I've been using receivers in Spain and Portugal.

This happens on my own kiwi, and on remote ones, even though all of the receivers claim to know where they are.

Is there a key I haven't pressed?


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    It's a while since I last used it, but I've just tried the Navtex decoder and it starts up for me by showing Indonesia. This may be because the map 'auto zoom' selection was on, and the last reception was from that area of the world.

    However, I also noticed that for some reason, no locations seem to be appearing on the map. Which may be why the map is not showing the correct locations.

    Incidentally, I've also noticed a few problems with the map display. I initially though that this was associated with updates to Firefox, but I've just checked and it's the same with Chrome and Brave.

    Only a few map tiles initially show up. To fix this I have to fully zoom out for the the missing tiles appear.

    In addition if the browser zoom settings are more than 100% the right hand control panel next to the map is obscured.

    I'm pretty sure this didn't always happen, as my default browser zoom setting is 120% or 133% due to my failing eyesight.



  • The NAVTEX/DSC extension map is only relevant when Selcall mode is active (i.e. when an entry from the Selcall menu has been selected). And then only when unencrypted locations are contained in the Selcall packets containing position information. Right now this only occurs for the South China Sea "beacon" frequencies in the Selcall menu. That's why the map location is preset off the coast of Vietnam. See the Selcall thread for the whole story.

    I should probably not show the display options panel and map when not in Selcall mode to avoid confusion.

    There are DSC packets that do contain position information. But they are very rarely received and the code does not currently plot them on the map.

    There has always been a problem with missing tiles in all the uses of maps in the Kiwi user interface. I've never been able to fix it. It comes and goes. For example, just now I was not able to replicate it. Everything worked fine. Even with different levels of browser zooming. It happens everywhere: TDoA extension, admin GPS tab, etc. Extremely annoying.

    The NAVTEX auto zoom mode refers to automatic zooming of the waterfall, not map.

  • >The NAVTEX/DSC extension map is only relevant when Selcall mode is active

    Ooops yes, sorry John, I had forgotten that, my apologies.

    As I said it's a while since I last used it, and I must have been confusing it with the link from the decoded ship registrations to the website and map.



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