v1.497: freq offset and TDoA changes

From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.497 March 8, 2022

  Add freq offset adjustment to right-click menu (admin access only).

  Include freq_offset value (kHz) in /status result.

  TDoA: By default don't show sampling hosts on result map. A new result menu entry will do that.


  • edited March 2022

    Thanks jks !

    I just tried it using an offset of 527987.5 and after reload at the browser got a display and calibration of an over-the-air 548.309440559 HDTV carrier (rubidium referenced, I think) to read within the limits of the (rather dirty) non-GPS-referenced LO/tuning of the frequency extender. The new value does show up properly on both admin page and from /status.

    I haven't yet figured the best way to signal to the frequency extender(converter) that a change has been made but at least that converter can periodically poll the kiwi using /status so that an admin change at the kiwi can be propagated and used to tune the converter.

    The admin can now jump anywhere in 0-2 GHz and have a 1 Hz calibrated Kiwi within a polling interval. Fantastic!

    Glenn n6gn

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