Feature request - The noise threshold level in the AGC

Most receivers have antennas with different sensitivity in a given section of the band, preamplifiers, attenuators, etc. My loop full of industrial garbage works like this:

80m s7 ~ 80dBm noise,

40m s6 ~ 90dBm noise,

20m s4 ~ 104dBm noise

17m s3 ~ 110dBm noise


For comfortable listening, say -10dBm of background noise, you have to manually change it each time.

A nice solution would be in the admin panel to add the function of automatic noise threshold adjustment, let's say -10 -20dBm to choose from, or to manually assign these values for a specific segment.

Any chance for something like this in the near future?



  • you might be able to achieve the same thing with an Audio Compressor in your audio path

  • I checked on several receivers and the changes in turning the compressor on or off are negligible, almost zero, and the effect is completely different than with the Threshold slider

  • You may use a threshold of about -80dBm or even -70 and forget about it. At night on the lower bands I may go up to -50dBm, but you can achieve that in one second.

    The reality is that setting a threshold of -130dBm or so just makes you listen to very strong static noise. The only test you should perform is to detach your antenna and see if you can hear a change in the noise power by more than 10 dB, then increase the threshold until this difference gets to about 10dB.

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