Pirate Broadcasts

It might be interesting to record some Pirate Broadcasts and list them. So here is one found 02/11/2017 on 6940 KHz USB.

Ron - KA7U


  • Hi Ron,

    Almost too many pirates to list :-)

    These are the ones tagged as such on my WEB SDR.

    1611,AMN,Pirate,"Zender Kooieplaats  ? ZendeRatlantic, Music Pirate"
    1618,AMN,Pirate,"Zender Curasao, Music Pirate"
    1620,AMN,Pirate,"Zwrate Bouvier  ? Radio Soerabaya  ? Zender Schaduwjager, Music Pirate"
    1629,AMN,Pirate,"Music Pirate, Unid"
    1630,AMN,Pirate,"Zender Eisvogel, Music Pirate"
    1635,AMN,Pirate,"Zender Monte Carlo, Music Pirate"
    1636,AMN,Pirate,"Zender Turfsteker  ? Zender Torpedojager  ? Zender Veenpiraat, Music Pirate"
    1640.09,AMN,Pirate,"Zender Digital  ? Zender Veronica  ? Zender Jeneverstoker  ? Zender Turfsteker, Music Pirate"
    1641,AMN,Pirate,"Turftrekker, Music Pirate"
    1645,AMN,Pirate,"Zender  f, Music Pirate"
    1647,AMN,Pirate,"Zender  f, Music Pirate"
    1648,AMN,Pirate,"Zender Moby Dick, Music Pirate"
    1650,AMN,Pirate,"Zender Rode Ster  ? Zender Lotus  ? Zender Banbreker, Music Pirate"
    1655,AMN,Pirate,"Zender Wilskracht  ? Zender DB  ? Zender James Bond, Music Pirate"
    1656,AMN,Pirate,"Zender Nachtzverver  ? Zender Twentana, Music Pirate"
    1665,AMN,Pirate,"Zender Relmus, Music Pirate"
    1670,AMN,Pirate,"Zender Matrix, Music Pirate"
    1670,AM,Pirate,"Greek  f, Music Pirate "
    1683,AMN,Pirate,Music Pirate
    1689.99,AMN,Pirate,Greek Music Pirate
    1700,AMN,Pirate,"Greek  f, Music Pirate"
    1710,AMN,Pirate,Music Pirate
    1713.17,AMN,Pirate,"Zender  f, Music Pirate, Unid"
    1726.64,AMN,Pirate,Music Pirate
    1730,AMN,Pirate,"Music Pirate, Unid"
    1750,AMN,Pirate,Music Pirate  f
    1760,AMN,Pirate,"Zender  f, Music Pirate"
    1930,USB,Pirate,Spanish Fishing Boats
    1951,USB,Pirate,"Nordic  ? Fishing boats, Unid"
    1983,USB,Pirate,Icelandic  ? Fishing boats
    1991,USB,Pirate,Spanish Fishing Boats
    2050.5,USB,Pirate,Norwegian  ? Fishing Boats 
    2175.5,USB,Pirate,"English Speaking, Fishing Boats"
    2237,USB,Pirate,Scotish  ? Fishing boats
    2245,USB,Pirate,Fishing Boats  f
    2254,USB,Pirate,Fishing Boats  f
    2345,USB,Pirate,French speaking
    2662,USB,Pirate,"Fishing Boats, Unid"
    2737,USB,Pirate,Scottish Fishing Boats
    2840,USB,Pirate,Spanish Fishing Boats
    2876,USB,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirates
    2900,USB,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirates
    2915,USB,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirates
    2920,USB,Pirate Calling Channel,Russian speaking Pirates - Calling Channel
    2927,USB,Pirate,Spanish Fishing Boats
    2930,USB,Pirate,Spanish Fishing Boats
    2950,USB,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirates
    2955,USB,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirates
    2978,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirates
    3003,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    3010,USB,Pirate,Fishing Boats  f
    3016.5,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirate
    3022,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirate
    3030,USB,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirate
    3044,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirate
    3046.7,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirate
    3050,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirate
    3056.5,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirate
    3063,USB,Pirate,Spanish Fishing Boats
    3071,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirate
    3079,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirates
    3082,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirates
    3086,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirates
    3090,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirates
    3093,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirates
    3095,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirates
    3105,AMN,Pirate,"Russian Speaking, Unid"
    3113,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirates
    3115,AMN,Pirate,"Russian Speaking, Unid"
    3119,AMN,Pirate,"Russian Speaking, Unid"
    3130,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirate
    3138,AMN,Pirate,"Russian Speaking, Unid"
    3142,AMN,Pirate,"Russian Speaking, Unid"
    3147,USB,Pirate,Scotish Fishing Boats  f
    3150,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirate
    3162,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirates
    3164,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirates
    3174,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirates
    3181,AMN,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirates
    3232,USB,Pirate,"Scottish Fishing Boats, Unid"
    3250,USB,Pirate,Italian  ? Speaking Pirate
    3255,USB,Pirate,"Russian  ? Speaking, Unid"
    3296,LSB,Pirate,French Speaking Pirates
    3300,LSB,Pirate,French Speaking Pirates
    3355,USB,Pirate,"Spanish  ? Speaking, Unid"
    3381,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    3400,LSB,Pirate,French Speaking Pirates
    3408.5,USB,Pirate,French Speaking Pirate
    3410,LSB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking
    3425,LSB,Pirate,Italian Speaking Pirates
    3428,USB,Pirate,Irish Fishing Boats
    3434,USB,Pirate,French Speaking
    3435,LSB,Pirate,French Speaking Pirate
    3440,USB,Pirate,Russian  ? Speaking Pirate
    3440,LSB,Pirate,French Speaking Pirates
    3442,USB,Pirate,French Speaking Pirates
    3450,LSB,Pirate,French Speaking Pirates
    3455,LSB,Pirate,French Speaking Pirates
    3456,USB,Pirate,Russian  ? Speaking Pirates
    3460,LSB,Pirate,French Speaking Pirate
    3465,LSB,Pirate,French Speaking Pirate
    3466,LSB,Pirate,French Speaking Pirate
    3475,LSB,Pirate,Italian Speaking Pirate
    3480,LSB,Pirate,Italian Speaking Pirate
    3485,LSB,Pirate,Italian Speaking Pirate
    3500,USB,Pirate,Engish  6 Spanish Fishing boats
    3536,USB,Pirate,Irish Fishing Boats
    3825,LSB,Pirate,French Speaking Pirates
    3883,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking
    3905,USB,Pirate,"Spanish  ? Fishing Boats, Unid"
    3920,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Fishing boats
    3950,USB,Pirate,French Speaking
    4015,AM,Pirate,Laser Hot Hits Music Pirate
    4020,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    4029,AMN,Pirate,Laser Hot Hits Music Pirate
    4090,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    4109,USB,Pirate,French Fishing Boats  f
    4112,USB,Pirate,"Scrambled Voice, Fishing Boats  f"
    4114.5,USB,Pirate,Irish Fishing Boats
    4135.5,USB,Pirate,French  ? Fishing boats
    4160,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirate
    4198,USB,Pirate,"Italian, Unid"
    4220,USB,Pirate,"French Speaking, Fishing Boats, Unid"
    4242,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? speaking pirates
    4334,USB,Pirate,Italian Fishing Boats
    4343,USB,Pirate,"English Fishing Boats, North Sea"
    4360.5,LSB,Pirate,"Voice and distorted music, Unid"
    4392,USB,Pirate,"French Speaking, Unid"
    4530,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking
    4595,USB,Pirate,Irish Fishing Boats
    4603,USB,Pirate,French Fishing Boats
    4660.1,USB,Pirate,"Arabic Speaking, Unid"
    4790,USB,Pirate,"Spanish Fishing Boats, Unid"
    4808,USB,Pirate,"Fishing Boats, Unid"
    4850,USB,Pirate,"French Fishing Boats, Unid"
    4868,USB,Pirate,Italian  ? Speaking Fishing boats  f
    4926.5,USB,Pirate,Scottish Fishing Boats
    4955,USB,Pirate,French Speaking Pirate
    5012,USB,Pirate,French Speaking
    5035,USB,Pirate,French Speaking
    5120,USB,Pirate,French Speaking Pirates
    5140,USB,Pirate,French Speaking Pirates
    5170,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    5252,USB,Pirate,Irish Fishing Boats
    5454,USB,Pirate,Irish Fishing Boats
    5570,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking Pirates
    5621,USB,Pirate,French Speaking Pirates
    5734,USB,Pirate,French Fishing Boats
    5770,AMN,Pirate,Music Pirate Unid
    5800,AM,Pirate,Laser Hot Hits  ? Mr Cash Music Pirate
    5826.5,USB,Pirate,"Chinese  ? Voice, Unid"
    5890,AM,Pirate,"Radio Picasia  f, Music Pirate, Netherlands"
    5897,USB,Pirate,French Speaking
    6005,AM,Pirate,Radio MiAmigo  ? Radio Northern Ireland Music Pirate
    6045,AMN,Pirate,"Music Pirates Via KBC, Wertachtal"
    6070,AM,Pirate,"Radio Channel 292  ? Radio Geronimo, Music Pirates, Rohrbach Waal, Germany"
    6085,AM,Pirate,"Radio Mi Amigo International, Music Pirate, Kall-Krekel, Germany http a ? fradiomiamigointernational.com fenglish fnews.html"
    6200,USB,Pirate  f,
    6205,AM,Pirate,"Coast FM  ? Laser Hot Hits Music Pirate, UK"
    6210,AM,Pirate,"Radio Merlin International Music Pirate, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, UK"
    6220.2,AMN,Pirate,"Radio Merlin International Music Pirate, UK"
    6224,AMN,Pirate,"Pandora Radio Music Pirate, UK"
    6227,USB,Pirate,English  6 Italian Speaking Pirates  ? Fishing Boats  f
    6230,AMN,Pirate,"Music Pirate, Unid"
    6230.69,AMN,Pirate,"Radio Merlin International Music Pirate, UK"
    6232,USB,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirates
    6233,AMN,Pirate,"Music Pirate, Unid"
    6240,AM,Pirate,Music Pirate Unid
    6250,AMN,Pirate,Music Pirate Unid
    6253.3,AMN,Pirate,"Music Pirate, Unid"
    6255,AM,Pirate,"Music Pirate, Unid, Germany"
    6260,AM,Pirate,"Music Pirate, Radio Nova, Netherlands"
    6261.4,AMN,Pirate,"Music Pirate, Unid"
    6262,USB,Pirate,French Speaking Pirate
    6265,AM,Pirate,Music Pirate Unid
    6280,AMN,Pirate,"Music Pirate, Unid"
    6280,USB,Pirate,"Russian voice, Unid"
    6285,AMN,Pirate,"Radio Romon  ? International, Music Pirate, Netherlands"
    6286.8,AMN,Pirate,"Radio Focus International, Music Pirate"
    6290,AM,Pirate,Music Pirate Unid Sunday Morning
    6295,AM,Pirate,"Music Pirate, Unid"
    6300,USB,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirate
    6300,AMN,Pirate,"Music Pirate, Netherlands  ? "
    6305,AM,Pirate,"Radio Merlin International Music Pirate, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, UK"
    6305,AMN,Pirate,"Radio Marabu Music Pirate, Netherlands"
    6307.5,USB,Pirate,Italian Pirate
    6309.8,AMN,Pirate,"Music Pirate, Unid"
    6320,AMN,Pirate,Mustang Radio Netherlands Music Pirate
    6320,USB,Pirate,French Speaking Pirates
    6323,USB,Pirate,Spanish fishing boats
    6325,USB,Pirate,"Russian Voice, Unid"
    6325,AMN,Pirate,"Music Pirate, Unid"
    6327,AMN,Pirate,"Music Pirate, Unid"
    6330,AMN,Pirate,"Music Pirate, Unid"
    6338,AMN,Pirate,"Music Pirate, Unid"
    6377,AMN,Pirate,Music Pirate Unid
    6378,AMN,Pirate,"Music Pirate, Unid"
    6380,AM,Pirate,Radio Cash Dutch Music Pirate
    6386,AMN,Pirate,Music Pirate Unid German  f
    6425,AM,Pirate,"Music Pirate, Unid"
    6429,USB,Pirate,Italian Pirate
    6446,USB,Pirate,Unid Italian  ? Spanish fishing boats
    6510,LSB,Pirate,French Pirates
    6516,USB,Pirate,French speaking Pirates
    6527,USB,Pirate,Italian Pirates
    6540,USB,Pirate,French Fishing Boats
    6565,LSB,Pirate,French Pirates
    6570,LSB,Pirate,Italian Speaking Pirates
    6575,LSB,Pirate,Italian Speaking Pirates
    6580,LSB,Pirate,Italian Pirates
    6580,USB,Pirate,French Speaking Fishing Boats
    6585,LSB,Pirate,French Pirates
    6590,LSB,Pirate,Italian Pirates
    6610,USB,Pirate,Italian Pirates
    6621,USB,Pirate,Unid Voice
    6625,LSB,Pirate,French Pirates
    6625,USB,Pirate,Greek speaking Pirates
    6635,LSB,Pirate,French Pirates
    6643,LSB,Pirate,French  6 Italian Pirates
    6650,LSB,Pirate,French Pirates
    6655,LSB,Pirate,French Pirates
    6660,LSB,Pirate - Calling,French Pirates - Calling Channel
    6662.5,LSB,Pirate,French Pirates
    6665,LSB,Pirate,French Pirates
    6666,USB,Pirate,Spanish Speaking
    6670,LSB,Pirate,Italian Pirates
    6671.5,USB,Pirate,Italian  ? Speaking Pirates
    6675,LSB,Pirate,Italian Pirates
    6685,LSB,Pirate,Italian Speaking Pirates
    6700,LSB,Pirate,Italian Pirates  f
    6705,LSB,Pirate,French Speaking Pirates
    6712.5,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    6718,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    6745.8,USB,Pirate,Scottish Fishing Boats
    6748,USB,Pirate,"Spanish Speaking Pirate  f, Unid"
    6777,USB,Pirate,Italian  ? Speaking Pirates
    6805,LSB,Pirate,"Arabic Speaking  f, Unid"
    6810,USB,Pirate,"Voice, Unid"
    6815,USB,Pirate,"Russian Speaking Pirate  f, Unid"
    6868.5,LSB,Pirate,"Italian  ? Speaking, Unid"
    6869,USB,Pirate,"Fishing Boats, Scotland UK  f"
    6884.5,LSB,Pirate,Italian  ? Speaking Unid
    6885,USB,Pirate,"Italian Speaking, Unid"
    6910,LSB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    6911,USB,Pirate,Chinese  ? Speaking
    6925,LSB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    6962.5,USB,Pirate,"Chinese  ? Voice, Unid"
    6970,LSB,Pirate,French Speaking
    6982.5,AMN,Pirate,Music Pirate Unid
    6990,USB,Pirate,"Russian Speaking, Unid"
    6990,LSB,Pirate,"Spanish Speaking Pirates, Unid"
    6991.5,USB,Pirate,"Spanish Speaking, Unid"
    7310,AM,Pirate,"Radio Mi Amigo International, Music Pirate, Kall-Krekel, Germany http a ? fradiomiamigointernational.com fenglish fnews.html"
    7654,USB,Pirate,"Faroes  ? , Fishing Boats  f"
    7659,USB,Pirate,"Chinese  ? Voice, Unid"
    7685,USB,Pirate,"Chinese  ? Voice, Unid"
    7700,USB,Pirate,Music Pirate logs  f
    7778,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking
    7810,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking
    7825,USB,Pirate,"Arabic  ? Speaking, Unid"
    7874,USB,Pirate,"Russian  ? Speaking, Unid"
    7876,USB,Pirate,"Russian  ? Arabic Speaking, Unid"
    7890,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    7915,USB,Pirate,"Russian  ? Arabic Speaking, Unid"
    7929,USB,Pirate,"Russian  ? Arabic Speaking, Unid"
    7965,USB,Pirate,"Arabic Speaking  f, Unid"
    8006,LSB,Pirate,Chinese  ? Speaking Pirates
    8019.81,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Fishing Boats
    8030,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking
    8050,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking
    8075,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    8080,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    8090,USB,Pirate,Spanish Speaking Pirates
    8102,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking
    8108,USB,Pirate,"Arabic  ? Voice, Unid"
    8123,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking
    8132,USB,Pirate,"Arabic  ? Voice, Unid"
    8189,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Unid
    8191,USB,Pirate,Russian  ? Speaking
    8194,USB,Pirate,Russian  ? Speaking
    8196,USB,Pirate,"Arabic Voice  f, Unid"
    8210,USB,Pirate,"Spanish  ? Arabic  f, Unid"
    8215,USB,Pirate,"Spanish  ? Arabic  f, Unid"
    8219,USB,Pirate,"Russian Speaking, Unid"
    8232,USB,Pirate,"Russian Speaking, Unid"
    8235,USB,Pirate,"Russian Speaking, Unid"
    8240,USB,Pirate,"Russian Speaking, Unid"
    8250,USB,Pirate,"Spanish  ? Arabic  f, Unid"
    8255.5,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    8265.5,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    8273,USB,Pirate,"Russian Speaking, Unid"
    8275,USB,Pirate,"Russian Speaking, Unid"
    8282,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    8285,USB,Pirate,Russian  ? Speaking Pirates
    8294,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking
    8312,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking
    8316,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking
    8320,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking
    8340,USB,Pirate,Spanish Speaking Pirates
    8345.5,USB,Pirate,"Italian Speaking, Unid"
    8350,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking Pirates
    8367,USB,Pirate,"Italian Speaking, Unid"
    8370,USB,Pirate,"Italian Speaking, Unid"
    8383,USB,Pirate,"Italian  ? Speaking, Fishing Boats, Unid"
    8388,USB,Pirate,"Russian  f, Unid"
    8400,USB,Pirate,Russian  ? Speaking Pirates
    8429,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking Pirate
    8500,USB,Pirate,Spanish Fishing Boats
    8530,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    8584,USB,Pirate,French  ? Arabic  ? Speaking
    8594,USB,Pirate,"French  ? Fishing Boats, Unid"
    8610,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    8642,USB,Pirate,French  ? Arabic  ? Speaking
    8689,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    8715,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking
    8745.5,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    8757,USB,Pirate,"Arabic  ? Speaking, Unid"
    8767,LSB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking
    8785,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Unid
    8796,USB,Pirate,"Russian  ? Voice, Unid"
    8804,USB,Pirate,"Arabic  ? Voice, Unid"
    8810,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking
    8817,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking
    8848,USB,Pirate,"Arabic  ? Voice, Unid"
    8858,USB,Pirate,"Arabic  ? Voice, Unid"
    8863.5,USB,Pirate,Chinese  ? Speaking
    8876.2,USB,Pirate,"American accent, Pirate, Unid"
    8910,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking
    8916.5,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    8937,USB,Pirate,Chinese  ? Speaking
    8939,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    8962,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    8970,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    8981,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    8990,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    9000,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    9010,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    9040,USB,Pirate,Russian  ? Speaking Pirates
    9085,USB,Pirate,"Arabic  ? Voice, Unid"
    9125,USB,Pirate,"Arabic  ? Voice, Unid"
    9137,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking Pirates
    9147,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking Pirates
    9156,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking Pirates
    9166,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking Pirates
    9190,USB,Pirate,"Arabic  ? Voice,  Unid"
    9209,USB,Pirate,Arabic Speaking Unid
    9292,USB,Pirate,Arabic Speaking Unid
    9366,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Fishing boats
    9888.5,USB,Pirate,"Russian  ? Speaking, Unid"
    10010,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    10020,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    10033,USB,Pirate,Chinese  ? Speaking Pirates
    10072,USB,Pirate,Chinese  ? Speaking Pirates
    10126.5,USB,Pirate,Chinese  ? Voice
    10181,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking
    10240,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking
    10317,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking
    10340,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking
    10346,USB,Pirate,"Spanish  f, Unid"
    10396,USB,Pirate,Russian speaking Pirates
    10410,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking
    10460,USB,Pirate,Russian speaking Pirates - Calling Channel
    10465,USB,Pirate,Russian speaking Pirates
    10532.5,USB,Pirate,Chinese  ? Speaking pirates
    10550,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirate
    10585.5,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking Pirate
    10600,USB,Pirate,Chinese  ? Speaking pirates
    10637,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking Pirates
    10660,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking Pirates
    10678,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking Pirates
    10681,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking Pirates
    10685,USB,Pirate,"Arabic voice  f, Unid"
    10717,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Fishing Boats
    10720,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    10725.5,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking
    10789,USB,Pirate,"Arabic voice  f, Unid"
    10864,USB,Pirate,"Arabic voice  f, Unid"
    10881,USB,Pirate,"Arabic voice  f, Unid"
    10910,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking Pirates
    10974,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking Pirates
    10980,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking with over pips
    11000,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking Pirates
    11020,USB,Pirate,"Arabic  ? Speaking, Unid"
    11077.5,USB,Pirate,Chinese  ? Fishing Boats
    11081,USB,Pirate,French  ? Speaking Pirates
    11104.5,USB,Pirate,French  ? Speaking Pirates
    11111,USB,Pirate,Chinese  ? Speaking Pirates
    11134,USB,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirates
    11203,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking
    11225,USB,Pirate,Russian Speaking Pirates
    11261,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    12131.5,USB,Pirate,French  ? Speaking Pirates
    12250,USB,Pirate,"Arabic Speaking, Unid"
    12265,USB,Pirate,"Arabic Speaking, Unid"
    12307,USB,Pirate,"Arabic Speaking, Unid"
    12317,USB,Pirate,"Arabic Speaking, Unid"
    12335,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking Pirates
    12350,USB,Pirate,Arabic  ? Speaking Pirates
    12356,USB,Pirate,"Arabic Speaking, Unid"
    12572,USB,Pirate,Italian  ? Speaking Pirate
    12610,USB,Pirate,French  ? Speaking Pirates
    12617,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirate
    13083,USB,Pirate,Spanish ?  Speaking pirate  f
    13185,USB,Pirate,"Chinese  ? Speaking, Unid"
    13210,USB,Pirate,"Arabic  ? Voice, Unid"
    13230,USB,Pirate,"Voice, Unid"
    14556.5,LSB,Pirate,"Chinese  ? Voice, Unid"
    15730,USB,Pirate,Russian  ? Speaking
    16028.03,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking
    16282,USB,Pirate,"Arabic  ? Voice, Unid"
    16325,USB,Pirate,"Arabic  ? Voice, Unid"
    16333,USB,Pirate,"Arabic  ? Voice, Unid"
    16420,USB,Pirate,"Arabic  ? Voice, Unid"
    16540,USB,Pirate,"Africa  f, Unid "
    20202,USB,Pirate,Spanish  ? Speaking Pirates
    23333.5,USB,Pirate,"Arabic  ? Speaking, Unid"

    It's interesting how the different languages tend to cluster together on specific bands. Guessing by the accents, some of the Spanish speaking ones may be in South America, but I'd be keen to find out where the Arabic and Chinese sounding stations are operating from and what languages they are actually using.

    If you ID any of them or determine that they are operating legally, let me know and I'll update the tags.


    Martin - G8JNJ

  • Martin,
    Wow, you have found a bunch of Pirates! I've listened to your receiver quite a bit and it is a proud receiver. Probably the best one I've listened to.

    So how are you sorting these stations? Do you use grep to pull from the dx.json file or have you written a nice script to do this?

    When I pull out with a command such as "cat dx.json |grep -i Pirate", I get a list like this, which has character codes for spaces and - instead of spaces and - signs. Such as:

    So I'm curious about your process to track this information. By the way, it would be nice to be able to search from the KiwiSDR interface on the Web Browser through the Tabs.
    Ron - KA7U
  • edited February 2017
    Hi Ron,

    Nothing so sophisticated as a script :-)

    I import the JASON file into Excel then find and replace the more obvious %20 characters and such like.

    There are already a few open requests for enhancements regarding Tag handling , sorting, editing, and searching etc. 

    I know John is considering them but it may take some time to implement as he has his own / other priorities and fixes to sort out first.

    I see that you have already contributed to some of the relevant discussions, but maybe we should update them to add more 'weight' to the requests and to keep the topics current :-)



  • Martin,
    OK on using a spreadsheet to cleanup the strings in dx.json. I'm looking at using grep and sed in a bash script to do it and also to search the strings for various tags.

    The problem of course is it only works for the owner of the dx.json file and not useful for any user. It would be great if John managed to create an extension to find and sort through the dx.json file. I suppose I could read the information on the extensions and write one to do it, but I'm not skilled at programming. Still it might be fun to try.
    Ron - KA7U
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