FSK extension mark / space marker position [fixed in v1.468]

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Hi John,

Not a major problem, just an observation. Tried a few browsers and they all show the same.

When using the FSK extension the mark / space marker positions (width) don't change when you vary the waterfall zoom depth.

If you click on the waterfall, the markers snap to the correct frequency spacing.

I'm not sure if this is a new issue, or maybe just one that I'd not noticed before, even though I usually have to zoom in to be able to choose the appropriate shift.




  • Just noticed that the mark / space vertical markers don't move with the receive passband either. If you shift the waterfall left or right, the markers stay in the middle of the spectrum. Unfortunately, I think this is a new bug.



  • Hi Martin,

    Snap seems to stop the waterfall being dragged, I too noticed this but assumed it had a purpose I had just not understood.

    If it does have a purpose I wonder if there could be modifiers like (when in snap mode) Ctrl+Shift allows drag or Ctrl+Alt centres on the snapped frequency? (no doubt those key combinations are already used).


  • jksjks
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    @G8JNJ Gosh, how long has this been broken?

    Anyway, there is a hot fix for it. Admin page, update tab, click the "build now" button. Monitor build progress on the console tab, connect button, type "m blog". Takes about 20-30 minutes to build. Should restart automatically when finished.

    @Powernumpty Looks like another bug..

  • Thanks again John.

    I noticed another occasional 'oddity where the popup passband width frequency markers don't appear when you remove the DX labels banner using the Y command, but I don't know if this is related or something else.

    I only noticed this because I often make a note of the passband settings, so that I can include them in a new DX tag, and this is usually when I'm dealing with FSK signals.



  • Yes, if you look carefully you'll note that the passband popups are always drawn over the dx label area. If that area is hidden due to the Y command then the place used to draw them is not visible.

    This is down to the order in which the code was developed. The Y command support came long after the popup code. With some additional effort it would be possible to move them elsewhere in that case. For example, popup underneath the yellow passband in the frequency scale. But it's a question of priorities..

  • Hi John,

    OK no problem.

    It's not really an issue, I only mentioned it in case it was related in some way.



  • v1.468 October 2, 2021

    •   ALE 2G extension: added "lsb" URL argument that applies to URL scan list (if any).
    •   FSK extension: Get update of shift position crosshairs working again.

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