KiwiSDR boot-up - problems?

I've just received a KiwiSDR (actually, my director did and gave it to me to get running.)  It seems to boot and show activity when fed 5vdc (via a TP-Link POE splitter 5v 2A) and I can see sometimes it gets a DHCP address from my DHCP server.  I can find it with Fing (again, sometimes) and it shows in arp, but then after a period of a few minutes all the blinking blue LEDs go solid, and then the device shuts down.  While running a constant ping against the IP address that gets assigned, I maybe get 8-10 replies back right before the system turns itself off.  Since I have no console, I have zero idea what's going on with it.  Any clues here as to what's causing it to shut off?


  • Well, this is interesting. Another customer had a very similar situation. It took a long time for a DHCP address to get assigned and was always followed by a power-down. The problem went away when a software re-installation from the micro-SD card was done. Could you try that procedure as given on page 2 of the printed quick start guide that came with the unit? (or found here: Please let us know what happens. I'd like to know if this is a common problem. It might indicate an issue with the software installation process at the factory. Thanks!

  • OK, I didn't read closely enough.  With Rpi installations, one installs the SD card and leaves it in the box.  I didn't realize that putting the card in will cause the box to reset to factory default, so that was my problem.  I just removed the card and it came right up.  Sorry for the bother!

  • Yes, this has happened a few times where people who weren't necessarily familiar with the Beagle assumed the sd card had to always be installed. No worries though.. Glad it works!

  • I have problem to boot-up my Kiwi. It worked fine for two weeks but this morning when I came into my shack the Kiwi was dead and now it won't boot-up any more. The LED's flash for 10-15 seconds and then the whole thing dies. Here is a link to what happens. My idea with the Kiwi was to install it at a very remote location but now when it dies and won't boot-up again I have to wait to get it running 100% safe. What's the problem?

  • It's very difficult to tell, but my first guess is a power supply that isn't supplying sufficient current. If the voltage sags below about 4.7V the power controller on the Beagle will shutdown. That's why the single power LED on the opposite side of the Ethernet connector from the 4 status LEDs goes dark.

    The other thing to try is a re-install of the software from the supplied micro-SD card as discussed above.

  • Well, after one hour and maybe 30 tries to boot it up it finally booted-up... But this doesn't feel very safe...
  • Yes, the low voltage was the reason... Voltage was 4,68 V so now I have adjusted it to 5,0 V and the Kiwi boots up fine every time :-D Thank you for helping!

    73 de SM1OII
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