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Electric Fence Clicking

Before it was easy to reduce the clicking of electric fences but now I can't find an effective setting, has anyone got any tips ?


  • There are two fully adjustable noise blanker algorithms. And they both have an associated test mode, also fully adjustable. So you should be able to practice using them.

    Unless your fence noise is weak or the pulses are not well-defined there shouldn't be a problem. I just tried it again (test mode) and it works great!

  • Thanks, I'll mess with it again, I got lots of electric fences all around me unfortunately.

  • The noise blankers seem to work well for me also. Other options are to seek out and repair any "bad" connections on those fences...or use wire cutters😁

  • I have Two electric fences, one is about 1 mile loop, the second is a 1/4 mile net. Both charged with 6 Joules/7000 volts.

    They are both loud and clear below 1Mhz.

    The noise blankers work great. It almost completely takes them out.

  • A good solution is to talk to the farmer. If his fence is arcing to ground it may not do its job properly and livestock will go where they shouldn't. With the right approach he could see you as a useful ally who will give him early warning of a fault that he needs to know about.


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