Help! display partly dead.

Started up the radio on Firefox, no waterfall, cannot set frequency. Was working extremely well.  I've installed ublock origin and privacy badger, but I don't think those are doing anything. When I start the browser, I can hear a station for less than a second, then noise.  Here are the contents of status and update:

Config: v1.31, 4 SDR channels, 12 GPS channels | Uptime: 17:37:25
GPS: acquire yes, track 4, good 2, fixes 890, ADC clock 66.666033 (655 avgs)
Beagle CPU 59% usr / 21% sys / 19% idle, FPGA eCPU 12%
audio 5 kB/s, waterfall 12 kB/s (23/23 fps), http 0 kB/s, total 17 kB/s (136 kb/s)
Errors: 0 dropped, 0 underruns, 0 sequence
RX0: (, Missoula, Montana, USA) 0.00 kHz am z0 0:03:40

update shows:
Installed version: v1.31, built Dec 14 2016 00:13:04
Update to version v1.31 in progress

Restarting the server and rebooting do not do anything, in either order or separately.

Any thoughts?


  • jksjks
    edited December 2016
    Well, what happens when you remove ublock origin and privacy badger?
    We had to make changes to prevent problems with certain AdBlock filter lists causing trouble:
    Very suspicious that the status entry says "0.00 kHz". That shouldn't be happening. And if it's the actual receive frequency that's why you're hearing only noise.
  • jksjks
    edited December 2016
    If you rebooted in the middle of an update you might have a corrupted build. Try building the most recent version (v1.32) manually:

    Login to the Beagle as root (no password) using SSH on Linux or PuTTY on Windows.
    Type "cdp" then "m git", "mc", "m" (wait a while for it to build), "mi", "ku"
    (starting with the v1.33 release I'll put all this in a script called "up").

    Now see how it does.

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    I had a similar issue a couple of times last week. I think it was v1.29 but not certain.
    The waterfall didn't start, frequency entry was blank in my case.
    Tried on a couple of PCs, one hadn't been used in the meantime, so don't think anything had changed at that end.
    Didn't have audio on the PC I was using, so no idea what the audio was doing.
    Checked from the local network when I got home, saw the same problem (but was using the same laptop)
    Power cycled the KiwiSDR, all appeared fine.
    Next day saw the same issue again, cured by power cycle.
    It has not recurred since.

    I did notice the version information and the user information line from the web config did not appear when things were not working well)

    Dave G1TVL
  • v1.28, and a few releases afterwards, were completely FUBAR unfortunately.

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