Do you want a Facebook Page for KiwiSDR?

John, What about a Facebook Page for the KiwiSDR? Or do you prefer to keep all comments and discussions focused here? For example, I would post trivia of the sort in the attached image to a Facebook Page, but it might get a bit cluttered here. The image shows the illusive beacon "A". Where it comes from and where it goes, no one seems to know. Any information about it?
Ron - KA7U



  • "A" on 2097 is one of HF pirate beacons. Some of the best info is on HF Underground:,9478.0.html

    For a discussion of military "letter/marker beacons", some of which are in the Kiwi dx list, see here:

    I personally boycott Facebook, but you guys can obviously do what you want. But I won't be contributing there if you do.
    At some point we'll need subcategories for the Kiwi discussions here.

  • John, So no developer sanctioned Facebook KiwiSDR page then. A shortwave comments and questions category would be nice for me.

    So what about WD2XVN. The FCC shows it licensed to the Boeing Company for experimental research @400.0375 MHz but I haven't found other frequencies allocated. The little video below shows a beacon bearing the call sign WD2XVN and some other information. 
    Ron - KA7U

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