Cuban jamming of Radio Marti DRM?

Is this Cuban jamming of Radio Marti's signal? (Note the two narrow noise-like signals on either side of the channel center.) I know the Cubans regularly jam Radio Marti's AM signals.

In principle, an OFDM decoder should be able to selectively suppress interference that isn't uniform over the entire signal bandwidth, and if the SNR is good enough on the remaining carriers the FEC would be able to correct the corrupted data. I don't know DRM well enough to know if the distributed training symbols are designed to help this, or if the KiwiSDR DRM decoder can do it. Maybe some manual notch filtering might help?



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    I'm more familiar with North Korean jamming signals (since they're so common, e.g., on 49 and 41m at night when I'm usually listening). From what I've seen of Cuban jamming, which seems different, it's designed to efficiently disrupt AM by concentrating its power around -400 Hz and around +400 Hz where there's a lot of power in human speech sidebands. They don't seem to bother the carrier. Perhaps Cuban listeners have SSB receivers that can easily ignore carriers.
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