Happy Christmas

Hi All,

I'd just like to wish all of you on this forum a Very Happy Christmas and a Great New Year.

I'd especially like to thank John for all his hard work, not only in initially bringing the KiWi to fruition, but also his on-going commitment to regularly rolling out new features and support in rapidly fixing any problems if or when they occur.

I think that obtaining my pair of Kiwi's has definitely been one of my best radio buy's, and as well as having revived my interest in general short wave listening, it has also opened up a whole range of other applications and avenues for experimentation.

My thanks are also due to other members of this forum who have made additional contributions and suggestions that have further enhanced the capability and usefulness of the KiWi SDR.

Hope you all have a Happy Holiday and that Santa has something for you on his sleigh :-)


Martin - G8JNJ


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