Grove code for KiwiSDR

I have a high quality 1 of 10 BNC RF relay and want to control it from BBgreen. I found this which seems like a good starting point for any antenna switch project but it currently does not have BB support. I'll have work to do I guess but I'm hoping one of you might be able to help



  • The antenna switch extension ( has a backend that uses BBG/BBB GPIOs.

  • Thanks but I will explore the Grove solution a bit as it requires no soldering!

  • Good point. I have not looked into the Grove stuff. But from the PCB silkscreen near the connectors it seems one of the two Grove connectors provides UART and the other SDIO/I2C. These can also likely be put into GPIO mode with the right magic. And it should be possible to do an antenna switch extension backend for them.

    Each connector also has 3.3V/GND. So if you're using the new Kiwi aluminum enclosure you can move the fan to the other connector if necessary.

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