Owner information missing from landing page [top bar content with narrow browser windows]

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Recently I noticed the "owner information" field as detailed in Owner info (appears in center of top bar) seems to be missing from my landing page now. It was previously showing, has it been removed or could I be missing something?


  • Are you using a device/monitor/browser with a narrow (in pixels) display? A while back I made a change so that as the browser window shrinks in size elements from the top bar are removed. First to be removed is owner info, then callsign field, finally the time-of-day element. The element at far left is always displayed. You can demo this effect by dragging the browser window to decrease the width.

    Before this change narrow displays had the elements piled on top of each other making them unreadable.

  • I don't think so, the monitor is a large widescreen running at 1920x1080 I would have expected that to display just about anything as it has lots of real estate. OK I will check it on my ipad and the Dell I have. 

    Setup here is
    Using Chrome
    27" (685mm) monitor


  • jksjks
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    I can't tell from the attachedimage because when it is expanded the right side is clipped. Try uploading an image scaled to 1024 pixels.
    (update: this is a Safari issue. Firefox will display wide images from the forum properly)

    I will check your Kiwi page directly..
  • jksjks
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    Okay, the Kiwi is doing the correct thing. The text in your antenna and owner fields are so wide they don't fit, even with a 1920 pixel display. If you have Firefox use the zoom feature to zoom out to 66% effectively increasing the screen width. The owner field will appear. Use HTML "br" elements in your owner field to make the width narrower. Multiple lines of text will fit in the owner field.

    I went ahead and added a single br just to check that it worked.

  • Thanks, for your help I see what you mean now. OK its displaying now you have added the br. TA Dave
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