Switching off the "location"

Hi group,

Is there any way to switch off the location which appears in the list of connected receivers in the bottom left?

It's nearly always wrong, and I have been asked more questions about this by my local club than any other feature. Some people seem to use it thinking it's somehow "tracking" them or invading their privacy.



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    I quite like knowing where the listeners to my Kiwi are coming from. Especially since they are using a resource I provide for free.

    The geolocation information shown for a users IP address is obtained by the users browser doing essentially a "curl ipinfo.io" (or goto http://ipinfo.io and click "see more details") This information is almost always specific to the ISP location before the end customer's location. That's why it often appears in the wrong city etc. It's only as good as the information entered into the database.

    If anyone is concerned about privacy and tracking there are much more important things to worry about. Most people would be horrified if they knew what was actually going on with Internet advertisers, Google, TLA/FLAs etc.

  • Yes I agree,

    and there are more important things that need attention on the wish/bug list. Nowt strange as folk they say over here, I get regular emails asking why the location is wrong, and give the same answer you do. People seem more interested in their wrong location than what the receiver actually does!!

    73s, Rob
  • Hi Rob,

    Funny lot down your way :-)

    If they are worried about the security implications, why are they bothered that it's showing the wrong address ?

    Personally I'd suggest that they simply manually enter their Callsign and location into the callsign text box (they could even include their post code).

    Some of my SDR users occasionally put short messages in there too (actually you could fit 'War & Peace" or the complete works of Shakespeare in there if you wanted to).


    Martin - G8JNJ (who seems to be in Cambridge at the moment) 

  • For users receiving Internet service via a 3G/4G connection the geolocation often seems to be the last place a piece of Internet fiber jumps onto the cell data network. So if I connect using cellular data on my iPhone the location shows Auckland which is 120 km from here.

  • Well, they think's it's somehow tracking them.

    By coincidence two people were in the incorrect city locations then returned to the Portsmouth area. It started a rumour that it tracks you somehow when the two people were on a local radio net.

    I'm considering a change to 4G for the Kiwi connection as my QTH is 200m from a mobile mast.

    My receiver is way down the SDR.hu list so I don't get many comments. Oddly two "antenna not connected" are above me!!

  • That's interesting, as I have never had anyone ask about the geolocation shown. Recently it seems to be "full" of people listening to Radio Caroline, hey ho I guess thats shortwave :-)
  • When I connect via the company I work for guest WiFi in Rochester NY, I show as Clifton NJ
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