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Map field problem [fixed]

edited December 2017 in Problems Now Fixed
I am unable to enter a syntax which causes a user's click on the map button to open the location of the Kiwi.  The admin page check map button opens the map page, but when I click as a remote user I briefly see the address URL I entered but in a second it is replaced with a URL to my current PC's location.  I'm sure this is operator error, but what I've done wrong is myterious to me.


  • jksjks
    edited November 2017
    I'm not seeing that behavior, but another new problem. The "check map" button on the webpage tab of the admin page goes to the wrong map location but the "[map]" link on the regular Kiwi user page works fine. This is for a map field in "Google format", e.g. "Tauranga/@-37.7039674,176.1586309,12z", which has a city name, lat/lon and zoom. You can also just use a format of "lat, lon" (i.e. "nn.nnnnnn, nn.nnnnnn") and both links should work.

    I was able to get the admin check map button to work by changing the generated link from http to https. So it seems Google has changed the API. I'll fix this in the next release.

  • I have just experimented and found that entering "Kahakuloa/@20.966764, -156.541974,19z" into the admin field, a user is taken to a map of Kahakuloa Village, the nearest town to my farm.  The lat/long values see to ignored by Google Maps and appear to be overwritten in the URL field by the lat/long of the Village.  Perhaps changing to https:// will fix this..
  • jksjks
    edited November 2017
    The values in the fields passed to Google maps are prepended with "" When Google does the URL rewrite to use https the corruption of the location part of the URL seems to occur. If I specify https to begin with no URL rewrite occurs and the location part of the URL doesn't get changed. That will be the fix in the next update.

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