Admin/Network configuration page needs field for DNS server [fixed in v1.147]

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Until today my KiwiSdr was running v1.116 even though automatic updates are enabled. I have tried to update several times using the manual update button, to no avail. The only message in  the log was something like "Update failed, no internet access".
Browsing the forum, I found the answer to Bjarne on how to do manual update. Trying the wget command, I got the message "Unable to resolve address 'github...". I then viewed the file '/etc/resolv.conf' and found that 'nameserver' adress was incorrect. It seems to be "married" to the last address received when configured to using DHCP. I edited the address, and was then able to do manual update and am now on v1.143.
When using static IP configuration, it is absolutely neccessary to be able to manually set DNS server address(es), for KiwiSdr updates to work.
Therefore please add new field(s) i Admin/Network page  for DNS server address(es), (primary and possibly secondary)


  • jksjks
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    Beginning with v1.130 the Google public DNS ( is set in /etc/resolv.conf when static ip mode is set. There is still an argument for allowing DNS servers to be set manually. But setting a fixed default was judged helpful for those users who may not be familiar with the DNS concept.

  • Thank you for a very quick response, John!
    Setting Google public DNS as default may work in many installations, but not all. An alternaitve would be to set both Google AND local Gateway in resolv.conf, since the the gateway router would normally be configured to relay DNS queries. In some networks direct external queries from clients are even blocked in the firewall.
    As a minimum solution the DNS server address(es) should at least be displayed in Admin/Network page, with a note like "To change, edit /etc/resolv.conf manually".
    The best option would still be to be able to edit in the web gui using google as default address. Maybe you could put this on the wish-list?
    I am very satisfied with my Kiwi, and am considering to buy one more!

    best regards
  • Okay, for the v1.147 release I added two DNS server fields when you select static ip mode. There is also a button to populate the fields with the Google public DNS servers and these will also be used by default. The only thing I don't do currently is populate one of the DNS fields with the DHCP-assigned DNS server from /etc/resolv.conf when you first switch to static ip mode (which will have probably pointed to the DNS on your router). I'd have to parse /etc/resolv.conf to do that which is a bit of a pain. You just have to manually enter it.

  • Great John!
    This is a valuable improvement I appreciate!
    Also thank you for the rapid response!
    (And I receivedr my second Kiwi today ;-) )

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