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Remote access kiwisdr using console or Putty

edited November 2017 in Problems Now Fixed
I am using my KiwiSdr in remote location and I can't access kiwisdr remote, using console or Putty. Is it possibility to make remote access?


  • jksjks
    edited November 2017
    For SSH or PuTTY to work port 22 has to be open and mapped to your Kiwi just like port 8073 for the web connection. Have you done this?

    Also, can you make a connection to the admin page? e.g. kiwi_hostname_or_ip_address:8073/admin
    From the admin page you can use the "console" tab to get a root shell. This is useful for simple shell commands, but not so good for using text editors.

  • Yes, I made a connection to admin page but there is such info:
    CONSOLE: only available to local admin connections

    Using Putty there is another problem, I can't login because login root ask me for password(I don't know which password) a nd login debian does't work.
    So, I have no idea how to login remotely to my kiwisdr.

  • Installed version: v1.140, built Nov 3 2017 12:14:02

  • jksjks
    edited November 2017
    CONSOLE: only available to local admin connections

    I forgot -- this is something the people who worry about security made me add recently. You can't use the admin page console function across the Internet since it gives you a root shell (even though the admin page is password protected).

    The Kiwi is shipped with no password on the Beagle Debian root account by default. So unless you've added one I don't know why logging into the Beagle as root would ask for one. Note that the Kiwi admin password and Beagle root account password have nothing to do with each other -- they are completely separate. Similarly, the Debian "debian" account password should be "temppwd". Having no root password by default is why it is extremely important to add one if you have opened port 22 on your Internet router to the Kiwi.

  • ok, so is it possibility to make remote access to my kiwi?

  • I do it via putty or ssh to port 22 of the BB. You need to open up that port on your router and port forward it to the BB (kiwi)
  • jksjks
    edited November 2017
    Okay, there is a release going out today. I think what I'll do is put in a one-time hack so you can supply a hashed key to the /admin url to bypass the local-net console check. Please send me an email at and I'll send you the key.

    That way you can get in and set the Debian root password. Then ssh / putty login should work. I'll remove the hack on a subsequent release.

  • Alright, looks like this hack worked for him. He was able to change the root account password and use ssh/putty normally. So we can do this again if absolutely necessary to get someone out of a jam with remote access.

  • ok, I will change all passwords and now I can login remote, many thanks for your help

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