Probably a dumb question. KiwiSDR First time up. standard login works. Whats the Admin password?

I can see the waterfall here easily - http://kiwisdr.local:8073/

But whats the password for Admin url  - http://kiwisdr.local:8073/admin ?

Thanks !



  • How does access protection of the admin webpage work?
    Access control to the admin webpage and the SDR itself are handled on the Security tab of the admin webpage. By default there is no admin password set which causes attempted admin access from outside the local subnet (i.e. from the Internet) to be ignored. So by default you don't have to change anything, or assign a password, to be protected. If you don't want access by other users on your local subnet then set an admin password. But pick a good password because it can be used by anyone who has access to the Kiwi, including Internet users, to gain access to the admin webpage. 

  • jksjks
    edited November 2017
    By default there is no admin password set so there can never be admin access from the Internet out-of-the-box. But this means you must use the local subnet auto-login feature. To auto-login without needing a password the computer running the browser must be on the same subnet as the Kiwi (e.g.

    If the Kiwi is plugged into your router using Ethernet and your computer is connected using WiFi, but the router is not in bridging mode, two separate subnets might be used for the Ethernet and WiFi. So temporarily plug your computer into the router using an Ethernet cable. Then you should be able to auto-login and can set an admin password. Then put the computer back on WiFi.

    If this isn't the problem then I'm not sure what's wrong. But you could manually set a password by editing the configuration file on the Kiwi Beagle. SSH or PuTTY into the Beagle at kiwisdr.local and login as "root". There is no root password. Then edit the file /root/kiwi.config/admin.json and add a password to the entry: "admin_password":""

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