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Today's v1.694 update is hopefully a working version of the failed v1.691,692 release of a few days ago.
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DX Cluster -> Propagation check -> KiwiSDR Selection

> KA7U > Now imagine that your programs included a DX Cluster or VE7CC Cluster and the spots hot linked to list in probability order the web receivers. 

OK, so I imagined it. shows the last 25 cluster spots.

Click on a spotter and see the list of online KiwiSDRs that are near the spotter, sorted by distance.

Click on a DX callsign and see the KiwiSDRs that have predicted propagation to the DX station.

Let me know how you like it.

It makes me a think a DX cluster extension could be added to KiwiSDR. Perhaps implemented as a scanner, listening to each of the recent spots as they show up....


  • Peter,
    You are cooking with gas!  I see you also have the DX Monitor program. I've used VE7CC for a number of years and find it quite useful when I'm in that mode. I haven't tried DX Monitor but think I might.

    "Recent DX Cluster" site and will think about how I'm using it. It is very nice as you currently have it though!

    An extension turning the KiwiSDR into a DX spot scanner would be very interesting. It would probably improve contacts for the casual as well as the dedicated DXer! Especially if the user could set filters for the incoming spots... See once you start a user is never satisfied. Hi Hi
    Ron Morell
  • I started using this myself so added some features to the DX Cluster page:
    You can click on the LISTEN button to open your own (or another) KiwiSDR on the frequency.

  • Peter,
    OK, I tried this and after setting up my favorite SDR, it went to the DX frequency. Now the favorite SDR is set, it is always the same. So convenient.
    I like it.
  • I've returned to this project after a few years hiatus. The map shows the estimated signal strength at each of the receivers. Click the map to sort them by distance from somewhere that looks good. Click to listen. SNR and popularity scores also shown. There is also a DX cluster page that is clickable to listen from the map or your own or another favourite SDR.

    More features too numerous to mention and changing as I see the need. Any requests?

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