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Building the RX app? [to get IQ data output]

edited November 2017 in KiwiSDR Discussion
I'm trying to make a custom app with the IQ data from the Rx specifically in the data_pump code. Is there a tutorial on how to build the RX from source?



  • jksjks
    edited October 2017
    There's no tutorial as it's pretty easy. On the Beagle just login as root (no password) and do:
    cdp (change to build directory)
    mst (alias for "make stop" which stops the background daemon running)
    m (make)
    k (script to run in foreground mode during development)

    Then later:
    mi (make install in preparation to run in daemon [background] mode)
    ku (alias for "kiwi up" which starts daemon in background mode)
    ms (alias for "make status" which looks at the daemon log)

    The update process is re-building your Kiwi software from scratch each update using the same method essentially.

    Of course you'll have to get your file changes onto the Beagle. During development we use rsync which has some supporting rules in the Kiwi Makefile. Also, we build on a development machine that is much faster than the Beagle to get the compile errors out first. Then rsync the source to the Beagle. The Makefile detects which machine is being used for the build and makes any adjustments (library locations, compiler optimization levels etc.)

    If you just want to get "real" (non-complex) or IQ (complex) samples from the audio stream out of the Kiwi and into some code on another machine look at the Python code from Dmitry, an updated fork which I have here: This is a general Kiwi connection client. It uses the same API the Kiwi Javascript code on the browser does to talk to the Kiwi server. This code also has specific applications for recording audio to a .wav file and FAX decoding (which is separate from the FAX extension built-in to the Kiwi code).

  • And now as of v1.139 there is an IQ demodulation mode/button where IQ data is available as stereo audio output from the browser. This is in addition to the IQ data stream output via web socket mentioned above.

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