IP address time limit in v1.132

Hi John,

Thanks for adding the IP address time limit in v1.132.

I was just about to ask for this to be implemented, as I've got three users who are somehow managing to sit on my public KiWi almost 24/7 just monitoring the same frequencies (despite having set a 15min timeout).

Hopefully this enhancement will fix that problem and let some others get to use the SDR (I'm initially trying it set to 120mins).

Incidentally the ant_switch extension green switch function admin buttons didn't work in v1.131 (they toggled but didn't actually do anything and both antenna switching and mixing were permanently enabled). However they work OK again in v1.132.


Martin - G8JNJ 


  • Re. the IP address time limit: Is the user given a message  why he's kicked out?
  • OK, thanks. Could it be made possible to exclude certain IP addresses from the time limit? I have donators who I'd like to give unlimited access.

  • jksjks
    edited October 2017
    Yes, and as soon as I spend the time to do that someone will complain that they have dynamic ip assignment from their ISP and it's too inconvenient to keep asking you to change the access list.

    I think a better solution is to ask for an admin-defined password upon timeout. If it's correctly given then it will be stored in a cookie on the client's browser/computer so it doesn't have to be given again (and there will be no timeouts in the future). The only downside is that if you want to remove someone from the access list you'll have to change the password and re-issue it to everyone.

  • I'd agree, I think a password override would be the more useful methodology.

    Just a thought - I wonder if some sort of individual 'subscriber' key could be issued and stored as a cookie so that you could give different privileges to different types of users  ? 


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Good point John.
  • Okay, v1.133 has a "time limit exemption password" on the config tab that applies to the 24hr per-IP limit as well as the inactivity timeout.

  • Hello Jason and John,

    I'm helping swcholland with IT stuff,
    We are also trying to ban unautorised users that keep channels closed for a long time,
    I was trying to connect a firewall with password to NAT to the kiwi until I found this new feature,
    Now I was wondering, can we change the text somehow on the password entering window?

  • These are the current messages displayed:



    How exactly would you want to change them? Replace all the text with text you specify? Or just add a paragraph of text you specify?

  • Dear jks,

    If it is possible to make our own text it would be nice,
    because our (older) listeners prefer dutch or german language
    If it is possible to place also a graphic we are more then happy :)

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