KiwiSDR setup - IP Port open but no access from outside [no NAT hairpinning]


just installing KiwiSDR and configuring, local use is ok (as user and admin).

I have successfully open the port 8073 on my router and I have fixed the local ip address on my router.
On the "network" tab, I click the "check port open" button and it seems that's all is ok but I can not access my kiwiSDR from outside. I tried with my public IP and with "no-ip service", no luck.
I check the port with "" and the result is successfull, port is open.

I suppose I miss somewhat but ... what ...?

Any idea welcome
73's Pascal



  • Well, it works ... since the begin I believe.
    When trying to connect from outside (with the public address), I was at home, same location. 
    Trying from a remote location, it works without problem.

    73's Pascal
  • jksjks
    edited September 2017
    Hi Pascal,

    Yes, unless your router implements something called "hairpinning" ( it won't correctly process a connection attempt to your Kiwi public address made from your local network. That's why I added the "check port open" feature. Because the check is made from which is always outside your local network.

    I did not know about so thanks for that -- very useful.

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