Kiwi first not found, then error message

My Kiwi in Kongsfjord (KongSDR) was working when I left Kongsfjord on Sunday, then in the evening a connection attempt resulted in a not found error message. This continued until Monday morning UTC, now suddenly it seems to connect but with a javascript error message.image



  • Try a browser reload, shift-reload, or cache clear. Or just restart the browser. With some browsers sometimes the javascript file caching gets confused after an update. I don't know why you would have received a "not found" error unless there was truly an Internet connection problem. Next time try doing an ssh to the Beagle (if you have the ssh port open) or ping.

  • It was on, and visible on its local network, but not outside. Since for once I didn't have a PC connected to the network, I couldn't restart the server or Beagle. Seems to be ok now.
  • And then I lost contact again. And a few minutes later, back on. What??? NOIP seems to be ok. Internet connection ok all the time. And now it's gone. How to resolve this??
  • In the winter KiwiSDR has stopped a few times (apparently because of power spikes) and I had to go to the remote location and powercycle the assembly.
    After that I started a VPN client on a beagle so I can SSH to it via VPN while I'm not at home and check the error log.
    Also I installed a password protected Ethernet controlled power switch which controls KiwiSDR power.

  • jksjks
    edited September 2017
    This seems to be a problem not with the Kiwi, but with the 4G Internet connection (cellphone-based data connection due to the [very!] remote location of the site). Incoming Internet connections sometimes work and sometimes not.

    For now we have switched this site to use the new reverse proxy scheme. Now the incoming connections go instead to the proxy and the issue is completely bypassed. This is precisely one of the problems the proxy service is designed to solve.
  • Thanks John for resolving this! Usually I do have a hinch about what's wrong but this time I was in total darkness. I am very grateful! For those who want to visit the northernmost KiwiSDR, the link is now
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