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Help with making a copy of security on sd card

Im Needs step-by-step help to make a backup on sd card
thank you Marek


  • jksjks
    edited August 2017
    Hi Marek,

    1. Insert a 4GB or larger micro-SD card into Beagle.
    2. With your browser connect to the admin page of your Kiwi: url_to_the_kiwi/admin (e.g. kiwisdr.local:8073/admin)
    3. Click on the "backup" tab on the top navigation bar.
    4. Click on the button labeled "Click to write micro-SD card"
    5. Backup process will take 3 - 6 minutes depending on the speed of your SD card.
    6. IMPORTANT: remove SD card immediately from Beagle. Otherwise on next Kiwi reboot it will be restored from the SD backup.

  • Hi John and others,

    Simple question - When removing an SD card, is it safe to do it with power on?

    I realize inserting the SD card must be with power on otherwise the system would try to boot from the SD.

    Gary in Vancouver, BC

  • jksjks
    edited August 2017
    Yes, the driver in Debian Linux understands how to deal with live insertions of cards in the SD slot.

  • edited August 2017
    HI at point_6 JKS says: remove immediately .
    I suppose that there is a running bar during the writing precedure , but how to be sure about the END_OF_PROCEDURE so one can remove the micro_sd safely?
    Any suggestion howto insert\remove the micro_sd by fat fingers in such tiny place ?
    a plastic extension glued maybe ?
    Could be possibile to cut a hole on the card back to put a fishing line to make removing simpler  :-O
  • A message is displayed telling you if the backup was successful or not.
    Try doing a backup without a card inserted to see..

  • edited August 2017
    OK about the end-of-procedure message, but in how long time the BEAGLE restarts?
    Maybe a PAUSE button will be ok to be pressed when one has pulled out the sd-card.

    Would it not be more practical to make a copy directrly on a usb-memory as its plug is more easy to be accessed ?

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