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Internet Usage

Hi Everyone, 

My first post and soon to be Kiwi SDR owner which I believe will be the first one in Ireland ?. It will take me a few days to set up as I don't have a lot of free time.

My antenna will be the Bonito FX 10 meter loop which i'm rather impressed with even currently just about 1-1.5 meters off the ground in a tree !

I have a serious concern about bandwidth usage, on average , can anyone tell me what bandwidth their SDR consumed per month ?

Unfortunately with no fixed line service where I live I have to rely on a mobile internet set up which has a 20 gb limit per month for 20 Euro's. I already have a mobile service to the house with a 100 GB limit which I had to upgrade to 250 just the other day and will have to keep the SDR off the main house internet if the bandwidth usage is high.



  • jksjks
    edited August 2017

    But note that number is an absolute maximum. Actual consumption is likely to be much less unless you get people camped out for some reason (which you can limit).
    Someday the admin interface might even show statistics graphs of the bandwidth consumed.

  • "Someday the admin interface might even show statistics graphs of the bandwidth consumed."

    Yes that would be very useful.

    Does anyone know on average what their setup is consuming ? 

    I fear the 20 GB I would  have would be way too little. But on the other hand it might not.
  • I open up 4 sessions within my local network. The data usage shown is from kiwi to that network. I assume, if they were external, that's the data that would flow

  • Thanks, that's quiet a chunk of data but I suppose they would't be in use all the time. 

    Has anyone added a donation to their sdr site ? and has anyone donated ? that could be really helpful. 
  • I set up donation link to my site. It helps. Have a look:
  • Thanks, I see the donate button. I will have to do something like this.

    What do people think about installing the setup in a pump house for well ? It will be easier than installing cables in the attic, but I may end up going to the attic. Not sure yet.

    The Antenna will be the Bonito FX 10 Meter Loop.

  • You should consider potential noise if the pump is electric. I actually have a rather serious interference problem (though mostly on LF) caused by a water pump fed from a 200-metre long, presumably unscreened, AC power cable. The cable is around 250 meters away.

  • There would be far less noise in the pump house than the attic I'd say. I can also go to the shed because I'll be using a mobile broadband device so can technically install it anywhere I get power. 
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