Reverse beacon network? (RBN)

Does anyone use a Kiwi on CW signals with RBN software? I've had people ask about this and I don't know much about it. I guess there has to be a "skimmer" component to the software and not just the RBN upload part?


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    HI , your question is fine, but has no solution with the KIWI_RX untill some piece of software will "sniff"
    the TUNED\VIEWED rf frequency as all other TRX&SDR receivers with the CAT option do.
    Then comes the hard part of a cw_skimmer.

    A simpler solution could be to skimm just the tuned channel but that I make already manually with the CW_GET.

    My example of RBN use is:

    a) logging software , all such programs nowadays have the CAT
    b) radio (either TRX or SDR) have the CAT
    c) a pc or even a tablet to connect all three pieces togheter via CAT

    Shake&mix all and you get a fully working RBN station where I can click on a SPOT in the BAND_MAP window
    and tune to that station even if the spot is from the other side of the world and I do not listen to it ....

    My opinion : the CAT option for the KIWI is obligatory and also a cw-skimmer.
    But your wish\to_do list is already very looong....


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