Kiwi SDR not listed in [ not caching properly]

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Although there is a message  "
SUCCESS (update)" 
my KiwiSDR is not listed. Any suggestions please?


  • I've had another report about this and will ask the people who maintain to check. Yesterday they fixed a database update problem that was keeping the kiwi bird icon from appearing on the listings. So perhaps this is related. moved recently to a new server and this seems to be the source of the problems.

  • Thanks. The server is still public activated with the address :, but this activity does not appear on
  • jksjks
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    The icon fix was database caching related. So perhaps the receiver entry listing caching itself is now broken. The operation of won't effect the access of your Kiwi at its public URL. And the up-to-date status can be found at the alternate listing site and the map at
  • Yes, I can see it Will it be publish at, or shall we now use the new address?
  • Hopefully will be fixed soon.

  • Got a reply from Andr?s. Should be fixed now.

  • It's OK now! Thank you!.
  • Hi,

    I'm not showing up on but I'm OK on the other sites so it looks like there is still a problem.

    I'll drop a note to Andr?s.


  • jksjks
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    Not sure what's happening there. We had some problems recently with not appearing. It was resolved when Andr?s fixed another problem with avatar caching and I fixed a bug (released in v1.109) when the Kiwi software has trouble with DNS because the local network isn't configured properly. It appears you're running v1.109 so that's not a factor.

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