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kiwi reception curiosity [delay at startup before last frequency applied, fixed]

edited July 2018 in Problems Now Fixed
HI All, during the first seconds of the kiwi-web-page opening there is always a burst of a speaking voice.
What for station is , what freq ?
Maybe Jks's welcome message ?

PS hardware test goes on : 30° in the shack  , but not enough to fry 1 egg


  • Hi Phil,

    Nothing so exotic :-)

    I think this is what you are hearing.

    When the browser first starts up, the SDR tunes to the default frequency defined in the Admin config page.

    If you have previously used the SDR, the last frequency you listened to is saved as a cookie and the browser will retune to this instead of the default frequency when the cookie is loaded. There is a slight time delay before this happens, so you hear the default frequency first then the frequency that was stored as a cookie.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Martin's explanation is exactly right. I need to remove the delay before the "last saved" frequency is applied so you don't hear the audio glitch. You'll note the waterfall zoom has a similar problem.

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