MU make Users Log without Funktion

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when I try mu comando over SSH there is no Output in past it's works fine but since last 3-4 Update Version the Funktion don't works my kiwi is up to date Version 1.94

73 de Jan


  • There have been no changes to anything related to the "mu" command in a long time. The "mu" command is a shell alias for "make users". Type "al mu" to verify this. If you look in the Makefile, "users" is defined as:
    LOGS = \
    zcat /var/log/user.log.4.gz > /tmp/kiwi.log; \
    zcat /var/log/user.log.3.gz >> /tmp/kiwi.log; \
    zcat /var/log/user.log.2.gz >> /tmp/kiwi.log; \
    cat /var/log/user.log.1 >> /tmp/kiwi.log; \
    cat /var/log/user.log >> /tmp/kiwi.log; \
    cat /tmp/kiwi.log
    LOCAL_IP = grep -vi 192.168.1
    LEAVING = grep -i leaving | grep -vi kf6vo | $(LOCAL_IP)
    -@$(LOGS) | $(LEAVING)
    @rm -f /tmp/kiwi.log

    So it's just looking for the string "leaving" in all the log files (minus any with my call or with the local subnet containing 192.168.1). So the question is why aren't there any being found? You'd have to look at the log files and see what's being recorded. Type "more /var/log/user.log". Do you see any Kiwi related log messages at all? Are the log files zero length? Is your flash filesystem full? (use the "df" command to check). A full filesystem would prevent the temporary /tmp/kiwi.log file from being created. This might happen if you bought just the Kiwi board and supplied your own older 2GB Beagle that has a nearly-full filesystem. Other than that I can't imagine what might be wrong.

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