Problem with dx.json file


I have copied the dx.json file (from the KiWi config folder) between my two KiWi's so that the tags are in sync on both receivers.

I can see the tags correctly on my second KiWi but some of the new tags don't display on my fist KiWi.

I have checked the file and the missing tags are present, but they don't display on the WEB GUI.

I have performed a browser refresh / cache clear etc. and tried Firefox and Chrome but they still don't show.

Has the location or format of dx.json been changed ?




  • No changes to the dx.json format recently. Is the Kiwi server on the target Kiwi not running when you move the file? So it doesn't get overwritten by the server after you've moved it. Or make two copies of the file and diff them while the server is running to make sure dx.json hasn't somehow become changed.

  • OK will do.


    Martin - G8JNJ
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