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I am going at add a second unit dedicated to wspr, no public access. Is it possible to start a wspr session from ssh?


  • Just what I am waiting for.



    Bjarne Bachmann

  • a further thought...    24X7 use does not allow updates. If ssh invocation of wspr would alone there to be a cron job that allows for shutting done the wspr, doing an "up", then restoring the wspr session(s)
  • I can get part way there. I installed lynx on the BB and it accesses the kiwi "part way"

  • I can easily in software distinguish real browser connections from ones made by an internal 24/7 WSPR process. A shutdown-and-restart of the WSPR process would only need to occur if a new update were available and needed to be downloaded, compiled and installed. The update check can happen without disturbing ongoing connections.

  • so how do I init "an internal 24/7 WSPR process"

  • This is a feature I'm looking into adding. So you'd say on the WSPR section of the extension tab of the admin page how many (1-4) automatic WSPR decoder processes you want launched when the Kiwi server starts. Each (server internal) process will take up an SDR channel as usual but not require a browser connection. You'd specify on the WSPR section which band each process would use. To be determined is exactly how the output of each process would be monitored besides connecting to and seeing what's been successfully decoded.

  • Hi John,

    This is excellent.

    Are you moving towards being able to setup background WSPR decoding when there are unused receivers available ?


    Martin - G8JNJ

  • I could also use this feature in some form.  I have been running four WSPR sessions on my home PC, but the waterfall display brings my VPN connection to my MAC desktop to a halt.  So when my Mac rebooted itself, I cannot restart any sessions through a MAC Screen session connecting to my home desktop
  • wspr scheduler would be cool.some bands during the day, others at night 
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