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SPECTRUM settings

I miss a possibility to set up the spectrum, like those for the waterfall.
Initial spectrum min (dBFS, fully zoomed-out)
Initial spectrum max (dBFS)
Colors , timing, etc. 
I come from the Power-SDR "world" and miss a lot when it comes to the user-interface of KiwiSDR.
I also want to turn the waterfall completely off, to may be save som bandwidth, when I just listen and/or may work in other windows.

Stig, LB5VA


  • Yes, all these things are on the bug list. Maybe we'll get to them someday. Maybe someone will contribute a patch. Improvements to the waterfall controls and color map have been submitted by users previously.

    The Kiwi is not PowerSDR and is not meant to be. Still, lots of improvements are planned.

  • Thanks for answer to both my questions/suggestions. 

    I'll wait...  :-)    
    Stig, Lb5va
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