Jameco 5V 1A power supply no longer recommended

edited July 2017 in KiwiSDR Discussion
We can no longer recommend the inexpensive Jameco power supply because of all the failures people are experiencing.
Details here: http://kiwisdr.com/quickstart/index.html#id-power-jameco


  • While not cheap, even used, the Acopian 5EB250 @ $30+ is a great choice. You can find them on eBay
  • To minimize power supply induced noise, I have installed a $15 dual LT1083 regulator between a 9VDC switching power supply and the KiwiSDR:

    That supply is designed for AC input, so I modified it to accept DC by adding jumpers across two of the input diodes.

    By cascading the two regulators on that supply, I have divided the power dissipated by the LT1083s so that the very large LT1083 heat sinks are barely warm to the touch.   Since heat is the primary cause of power supply failure, I expect this system to be very, very reliable.
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