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24" monitor not enough for KIWI_RX

edited April 2017 in KiwiSDR Discussion
HI, please in the long list of WISHes there are many many waiting features.....
please don't delay too much for the shrinkable panels.
Some days ago I have taken a pic of my 24" inch monitor which I was thinking it should be about 50"  :-\"
In the second pic is an example of the wasted space compared to another software.....


ps: a nice ADDON for FIREFOX is MEASUREIT  a small ruler to maesure how large is the firefox page....



  • jksjks
    edited April 2017
    Phil. I don't understand. Are you asking about two different things here? Yes, there is a problem when the window is made too small, either because of a small display (small monitor or mobile device) or because you have simply made the window narrow. This is a known issue. The control panel at bottom right should be able to be hidden like the others.

    But do you also think the Kiwi window cannot be made full-width on a large monitor? Because that should work fine. Just resize the window to be the full screen width.

  • I wonder Phil, if you are familiar with <CTRL>+ and <CTRL>- , key combinations when using Firefox and Chrome? These allow the view to zoom in and out. The control box is smaller on the screen when you zoom out and larger when you zoom in.
    Ron - KA7U
  • HI John and Ron.
    >John: no I dont ask two things, I wanted just show how small place is shown on the KIWI waterfall compared to the "COMPACT"  option of SDR_Radio window with the same pixel sizes  and how much space is needed for the KIWI to occupy a decent view when used with other programs  ;;)
    Of course having in front "just" the waterfall would be perfect... at least for me (digitized_Ham), can we do a POLL for that ?  :-B

    >Ron : aha very fine CTRL+&- , yes I did know about their use but have never thought about using also in the KIWI window ehehehe.
      the resizing does not even strech the signals ....WOWWWWW.....

     John forget the previous writing  ;)... at least till when you will decide to do ...


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