Overcoming firewall or websocket issues

I have a few people who are in a corporate environment where Port 8073 is not blocked but websocket is not supported. Their desktops are all Windows 7 and they can run things like Tera-term. I want to give them an easy to run solution with ssh. Has anyone does this?



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    Web sockets blocked by the firewall or not supported in the browser? Web sockets are now widely supported in HTML5-compatible browsers. These people just need to upgrade browsers if that's the issue and doesn't cause them other problems. Web sockets blocked for corporate security reasons is a show stopper. KiwiSDR cannot function without them. Yes, WebSDR (still) works without them using a very old technique written in Java. But I decided from the beginning not to spend the enormous effort doing that. Easier to just live in the modern world.

    Now there are options. Should the Kiwi server support some sort of integrated VPN server, with a Javascript VPN client running in the Kiwi code on the browser, so people in these situations can just tunnel out of their restricted environments? That's a really interesting idea. I should probably Google around and see if I can find the pieces to implement that. Anyone have expertise here?

    Just today I'm implementing auto-magic NAT rule creation on the local router via IGD UPnP, which I just learned about. That means for most people it will no longer be necessary to get into your router and add a NAT rule mapping port 8073 (or 80, or whatever) from the Internet side to your Kiwi on the local side. The server in your KiwiSDR will just go out and poke around the network until it finds your router, and if it supports UPnP, tell it to create the NAT rule. Simple. Not guaranteed to work with every router or in every situation, but I hope it helps the majority of customers on home networks skip this annoying and sometimes complex step during setup.

  • Browser not the issue.  System has a very complex firewall/routing scheme.  ssh can get through all of that. I just need to figure out the ssh tunnel. 
  • I think I have it working, will know for sure tmrw and will report
  • It did not do what I wanted. I am hoping to run a ssh based tunnel direct to the BB. I can get into the BB with a ssh login OK, so just have to figure out the tunnel details.
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