LAN is OFF how do I restart the kiwi sdr?

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HI All, as every day I plug the +5Vdc and the kiwi started, but not today, the LAN is OFF.
Have checked the cables the voltages the blu leds are blinking as usual.
What to do, unplug the +5V and try again ?

ps: the kiwi has been always switched off by the program OFF never unplugged +V without closing before the OS


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    Unplug the Ethernet, wait 10 second, plug it back in. Then see if the green and yellow LEDs on the RJ45 connector appear. This may take some time.
    If not then pull the 5V power and plug it in again to restart.

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    HI John, it worked already yesterday by removing the +5V, I tried also to unplug the LAN socket but did not wait 10 secs.
    Today the kiwi started again normally.
    The LAN unplugging is a very difficult operation to make when the kiwi will be in the remote qth...
    maybe a mini robot would be of help
    Phil IC8POF

    PS do not know how the KIWI OS reacts to an abnormal switch_OFF , maybe 1 ok and 2 or 3 ?
          the windows OS are ok for a restart after a power failure for a couple of times then it goes into troubles and me too...
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