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Hi. Been a ham for 25+ years. Winding down to listening now. How do I get SDR started, apart from listening to web sites like Hack Green, etc. I'd like to get my own add-on set-up to my laptop with the KISS principle involved. I'm not that literate now grandkids have left home!! I see so much stuff on Ebay, but I basically want 160 through 10 metre HF bands. (I have all the VHF/UHF stuff).
73. Ric Coleman. ZL2RIC


  • What is your budget for HF? What are your antenna constraints?
  • Budget very tight. I've just bought an R820T and 8232, have fairly new HP lap-top and antenna farm from Ham days in the air, Windom, long-wire etc.73. Ric
  • You can hook a Kiwi directly to your laptop or router and use it solely for yourself. Far better than any dongle solution and cheaper than say a Perseus or Hack-RF
  • Agreed. Dongles are toys. KiwiSDR is an excellent choice for a tight budget. You might want to check out RSP2 and Afedri SDR-net as well but they are 12-bit and prone to overload.

    Bjarne Mjelde
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