tuning --- buttons not working on firefox

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HI just discovered that in cw (ssb ok) the minus buttons do not work on firefox ... chrome is ok


  • jksjks
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    What OS? What frequency / band? (the code path is slightly different depending on the current band).
    I had no problems with FF or Safari on a Mac or with FF on Windows 10.
    Please open the "web console" with FF and see if you are getting any error messages.

  • I had this problem with Chrome the other day and after clearing the browser cache the problem was solved.
    Ron - KA7U
  • Ron: That's interesting. A while back I added some code to explicitly check an embedded version number in every Javascript file downloaded against the Kiwi server code version running on the Beagle. If this check fails you'll see a bunch of messages saying exactly what the problem is.

    In the past when I would make small, but incompatible, protocol changes between client and server I would occasionally see a client connect to the server using very old Javascript code. This is NOT supposed to be possible. The browser is supposed to check with the server on each connect or refresh and only use a cached copy of Javascript (and other HTML components) if their contents has not been updated by the server. It probably checks some timestamp and/or checksum to determine this.

    I remember in the old days "clearing the cache" was a major thing. But this problem was supposed to be generally fixed. It is possible that intermediate caching from faulty web accelerators or something in the Internet path are still causing trouble. Who knows..

  • HI I will try agn this afternoon and report more about...
  • HI agn, tonight by resuming my pc from hibernation of yesterday when ---buttons did not work  the
    minus tuning buttons are operative again.
    The OS is win7pro, FF full updated, in the problems page there are no issues .
    Phil IC8POF
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