WSPR Delight

I wonder how many of you were able to log VK6XT on 40M WSPR yesterday?  Most likely Grayline propagation was in play on it. For me, it was  18000+ km.  


  • jksjks
    edited February 2017
    Of course Rick is practically QRM here. What's particularly satisfying for me is logging all the local ZL/VKs on 40m. Then in the evenings, in between all my horrible elevator noise, all of a sudden EA5AEL and others will popup at almost 20,000 km. Spain is the antipode from here.

    It's almost as good as when I copy time station JJY (Japan) on 40 kHz at noon in broad daylight.

    John, ZL/KF6VO

  • VK6XT is about 500 km east of the antipodal point of my city, Rochester NY
  • got him here too.... same deal 18K+  good times...

     2017-02-07 11:06   VK6XT   7.040004   -12   0   OF86td   5   K8ZK   EM94   18299   82 
     2017-02-08 20:16   VK6XT   7.040012   -22   0   OF86td   5   K8ZK   EM94   18299   82 
     2017-02-08 13:10   VK6XT   7.040010   -19   0   OF86td   5   K8ZK   EM94   18299   82

  • Yep, I saw him again this morning. So have logged him at both end of the grayline now

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