Some doubts [audio lag, per-user passwords]

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Hello friends:
We are running a new kiwisdr in our radio club in Alicante.
At this moment we are testing it and is private use.
I have some dubts / improvements.
I see we have a long delay (around 2 seconds) this normal? can this be improved?
When you log in kiwisdr we have only one password.... can we have independent login / password for each user?
When writting password: Can it be hidden? We don't like show password in screen (users and admins).

A lot of thank's !


  • The delay is around 1 - 1.5 seconds plus Internet and local network delays. I still need to write a FAQ explaining why this is true. For example why it is longer compared to WebSDR which is about 0.5 seconds. It is probably not going to improve much. We made some changes a while back to at least synchronize the waterfall to the audio.

    Having per-user passwords means the Kiwi needs to keep a user database. Which implies tools to administer the database and a reliable way of backing it up since you would be very unhappy if it were lost. This is all possible but would take some effort.

    When you say "hidden" do you mean not having the password characters echo in the password query box? (replaced with black dots or something like on a mobile device or most websites)

  • I understand about per-user password and delay.... Thank's for explain it.

    And yes about the password. I think is better not show it.
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