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How about adding something to the SW that allows control of the BB GPIO pins via the web interface? It would be pretty easy to control Attentuators or switch antennas that way


  • And of course I should mention the fantastic work of Kari, OH1KK, who has written a Kiwi extension that fully supports the network-controlled MS-S7-WEB antenna switch: https://github.com/OH1KK/KiwiSDR-antenna-switch-extension

  • I have a two channel antenna switch and a switched attenuator path controlled from the BB GPIO.
    At the moment control is only via ssh connection and a couple of simple scripts, but it was pretty easy to get that far.

    I didn't get far with working out how to build an extension to do the same, but I'd certainly like to get that going sometime.
    I haven't seen OH1KKs switch before... how did I miss that?

    Dave G1TVL
  • That was a cool gadget John. What would be extremely useful was if one could make a script to automatically change antennas at given times.
  • changing antenna dependent on freq would be cool too.    
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    Antenna switches by schedule. My KiwiSDR extension has script /usr/local/bin/ms-s7-web which commands ms-s7-web antenna switch from linux console. It can be used to schedule antenna switching via KiwiSDR's crontab.

    Just edit KiwiSDR's /etc/crontab and make schedule you like.

    For example

    # m h dom mon dow user  command
    # Switch to antenna 2 every day on 12:15
    15 12 * * * root /usr/local/bin/ms-s7-web 2
    # Switch to antenna 1 every day on 6:00
    0 6 * * * root /usr/local/bin/ms-s7-web 1

  • Hi All,

    I would like to be able to switch antenna ports directly from the BB GPIO pins via the web interface and also change some text on the web interface if some of the BB GPIO pins are switched externally.

    Kari, OH1KK, has done a great job in writing the Kiwi extension to drive a MS-S7-WEB antenna switch . But I really don't want to be tied to specific hardware as I've already got a number of different peripherals that I'd like to control & monitor directly from the KiWi.

    Is there an easy way (I'm not a coder) to modify Kari's extension to drive and receive commands from the BB ? 


    Martin - G8JNJ
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    I haven't tried in real life, but it looks that gpio pin control is easy on beaglebone. Converting ms-s7-web script to use beaglebone gpio pins should be trivial. My KiwiSDR is offsite and on production state and it has also working antenna switch. I do not I have no spare hardware to do GPIO tests.

    I will try to modify ant_switch extension to more general direction on future. In my opinion ant_switch extension should be just frontend. Actual antenna switching should be done in background using scripts. There should be possibility to choose between many different background scripts. ms-s7-web script, beagle gpio script and so on.

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