Your Kiwi must be running the v1.690 (or later) release to use the proxy service and be in the public Kiwi list (,

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UpDate to 1.690

I have UpDated to v 1.690, OK Fine....

Just can't see what the UpDate is About on :


  • jksjks
    edited July 8

    Not every update gets a mention in the CHANGE_LOG file. v1.689 and 690 had changes related to the botnet. Not something I really wanted/needed to talk about. If you really care go to Github and look at the details.

  • No wonder you don't want any pre-1.690 visible publicly.

  • jksjks
    edited July 9

    That was simply to encourage pre-v1.690 public Kiwis to update to lower the botnet load on the proxy service. I monitor the uptake. There are about 60 formerly public listed Kiwis left to update (out of more than 700). It drops by a few every day. Just what you'd expect.

  • The next update is a monster though. Have trouble getting to sleep at night? Just read the next release CHANGE_LOG that’s coming.. lol

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