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Admin interface, log to see: lines not shown ----?


I go through the log now and again to see activity, and just now after a good two days up-time, some 5000 lines are not shown.

Are there some instructions of "how to use the log page" somewhere?

Is there an option to show the not shown part of the log through the admin interface?

Thanks in advance,




  • There are two types of log messages. "Debug" messages that mostly benefit me. And more general log messages that might be of interest to Kiwi admin/owners as well.

    The later are marked with an "L" character in the log before the message. These messages are logged on the Linux system log (syslog) which can be viewed using Linux commands apart from the admin log tab.

    Syslog messages are stored for a long time. There are various ways to see them. Perhaps the easiest is the alias "msl" which translates to "make slog" (short log). You can use this alias in the admin console window. But it will generated possibly thousands of lines of output. So be ready for that. There is also the alias "ms" (make status) which will show the syslog messages generated during the current run of the server.

    The messages not marked with "L", the debug messages, are simply lost if they don't appear in the admin log tab. That's why the log tab only captures a limited number of them. They might otherwise cause the syslog to grow to fill up all the filesystem space.

  • Thank you John for the explanations!



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