Your Kiwi must be running the v1.690 (or later) release to use the proxy service and be in the public Kiwi list (,

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Preemptible? "If your Kiwi is publicly listed you..not...all the channels to use FT8-autorun!"

Does this message still apply if all four channels are set to preemptible? I would have thought that that in that mode it would not be an issue because it would not stop anyone using the radio.

Should the warning message read something like...

"If your Kiwi is publicly listed then you must not configure all the channels to use FT8-autorun unless they are preemptible!

This defeats the purpose of making your Kiwi public and public registration will be disabled

until you make at least one channel available for connection. Check the Admin Public tab."



  • Yes, that's an excellent point. I can't remember the history but the preemption stuff may have been added after the code was added to refuse enabling of public listing if no "free" channels.

    I'll try and fix this. Thank you.

  • In reviewing the code I see it already does the right thing.

    It keeps a count of the number of non-preemptable WSPR/FT8 autoruns and only refuses public listing if there is not at least one preemptable autorun.

    But the order of operations matters. If you had first set all 4 channels to non-preemptable autoruns, got a refusal for public listing, then went back and changed one of the autoruns to be preemptable, you'd still have to go back to the public tab and enable it (it will succeed this time). The enable will not be automatic just because you changed one autorun to public.

    I just tried this and it worked.

    For the next release though I will change the error message from:

    Error, cannot have WSPR/FT8 autorun enabled on ALL channels!


    Error, cannot have non-preemptable WSPR/FT8 autorun enabled on ALL channels!

  • Great! Thanks!

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