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Admin page, “users” tab blank? Problem reappears a few hours after reboots...and rebuild of v1.686.

edited June 17 in General Chat

For several days now, I experience that the “users” tab is not populated, though I know I had visitors, and no reboots (to my knowledge) had been initiated

Running firmware v1.686 since June 6.

Rebooting the KiwiSDR gave me the “Users” tab back, with the heading….l looked at it earlier today, and it was ok, but a few hours later, the page is again empty and with no heading.

The other tabs on the Admin page are working ok.

Anyone else seen this, please?

I will reboot the Beagle and see if that cures the issue.

Addition 13/6: Rebooting my KiwiSDR or the Beaglebone solves the problem for some hours, but does not cure it.

I will now force a new build and see if it cures it.

Addition 14/6: It did not resolve it.





  • Problem found and fix coming in next software release.

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