CAT Interface - unwanted Chars

Hello from Germany,

i test the CAT Interface via USB and examined the following.

KiwiSDR transmitting the following Chars after sending the Frequency (FAxxxxx): <\r><\n> (0D/0A)

Causing that "Commander" from the DXLab Suite cannot recognize the transmitted Frequency.

Is it possible to exchange the Chars with an simple Semicolon ";"? That would cure the problem.

73s Holger, DF6DBF


  • Okay, I can take out the newline chars in the next release. If it breaks any other programs then I can add an option to include the newline or not.

  • Thanks for your quick help! :)

    73s Holger, DF6DBF

  • Seems ok now.

    73s Holger, DF6DBF

  • Okay, that's good.

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