Looking for the best way to reset all settings of kiwisdr, specially on CW, any help ?

Hello, I am looking for the best way to reset all settings on kiwisdr and going back to default settings. How can we do that ?

Thanks for any help




  • Type / in the frequency box (the single character '/'). This will reset the passband of the current mode. Typing control-P does the same thing (type h or ? for the full list of keyboard shortcuts).

  • Thanks, it seems to work for CW but not for CWN

  • No, I just tried it and it resets all modes, including CWN, just fine.

    But you have to remember, the defaults it resets to depends on what the Kiwi owner has setup on the admin page, config tab. Not that many Kiwis probably have the defaults changed, but it is possible. The standard defaults for CWN are a passband of low=470, high=530, which gives a passband center of 500 Hz and a width of 60 Hz (CW is similar but width 400 Hz).

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