Is there a new problem with GPS location/altitude since v 1.573 ? [fixed in v1.601]

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[Posting on behalf of Tom, WA2TP who hasn't been able to reset his password on the forum]

I am noticing today that when I upgrade my KIWI from version 1.573 tot 1.600, the GPS altitude and location on the admin map is way off.Showing negative altitude by 100’s of meters and location off by hundreds of feet.I have upgraded 3 of my 7 KIWI with the same result.

I had performed the upgrade on the first KIWI a few days ago (at time to version 1.599) and it has still not corrected itself.

The remaining 3 KIWI still at version 1.573 show correct location and altitude.

I cannot log onto he KIW forum to post this, password reset not working.


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    Have Tom email and I can reset his password.

    GPS is okay here. I just started a development Kiwi running v1.601 with GPS enabled. Less than a minute later the position was dead on using 5 sats and my terrible sky view. The altitude has never been that accurate.

    I assume he's running a common antenna and splitter to do these comparisons?

    Edit: Probably not significant at this moment (current Kp is 3 I think), but aren't we just coming off a G4 mag storm? I wonder exactly when he made these observations.

  • Yeah, there might be something up after all. Uncheck Include Galileo in solutions? and restart and see if the red pin on the map stops getting pulled away from an initially accurate position.

    It's tough for me again because of my limited sky view. For example right now I have only one Galileo sat in view. So I have to wait a while.

    I'm also compiling another Kiwi up with v1.573 to check for differences.

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    Yes, v1.573 seems much better. This probably is an unintended consequence of some Verilog cleanup I've been doing. It will take me a while to track down..

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    Hi John,

    I am using Glenns GPS distribution board with a 40db puck antenna. Generally I get between 8-10 good at all times with mostly full sky view. I have been using this setup for just over two years now and its the first time I have seen this anomally after an update.

    I genarlly look at the admin page and verify GPS every few days or so, and have not seen this type of location error. I understand altitude is not precise, however, all 7 kiwi are usually +- 5m of each other and always in the positive range. They are also fairly close to my known height ABS (+-3m).

    I am seeing many more red and yellow markers on Kiwi that have been updated from 1.573.

    Below are two images. As a note, all 7 of my kiwi are using BBAI boards.

    This First picture is of KIWI3 which is at version 1.573 and its GPS data matches KIWI 1 and 2 which are also V1.573. You will notice that the sat markers are all on top of each other.

    This below image is KIWI 5 which has been updated to v 1.600 (KIWI 5,6,7 are all at this version) all show same anomally with increased number of markers, deviation from actual location, and strange integers representing altitude.

  • Okay, should be fixed in v1.601 This bug first appeared in v1.589

    Thanks Tom and Glenn!

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