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Brand New User. Navtex From Kiwi at Ashland (Mass.) Questions, Please ?


Sr. Citizen now, very, so please put up with a few dumb questions.

Have just found this Kiwi site, and my first impression

is "Wow". Wish I had known about it years ago.

I live about 20 miles due West of Boston, and do listening only.

Have a new Icom R8600 receiver, and a simple 60 foot long wire ant. outside, an UnUn, and a coax run up to the house.

Have been trying to decode Navtex using YAND with zero results.

Nothing, ever, from anywhere besides the Boston transmitter. No idea why.

So, I would like to use and try Kiwi for Navtex, and the Ashland (Mass.) Kiwi.

a. Is there a link to the person that maintains this Ashland Kiwi so that I might contact him directly

to ask if he can pick up Navtex from his location (pretty close to mine) ? How might I go about this, please ?

b. What settings, etc. should I configure to access his Kiwi directly for Navtex? There are so many, it's confusing.

Much thanks,

appreciate the help,



  • KA1GXR is the owner of that Kiwi

    Did you look at the NAVTEX extension in the kiwi's extension pull down?

  • Hi,

    Success !

    Questions add ons, please:

    The Ashland site which is very close to me, pulls in the Boston Transmissions

    at the correct time just fine.

    Since his setup is so good, and obviously better than mine trying to use YAND, shouldn't it also pick up other Navtex transmissions from other stations at other times also ?

    Doesn't seem to.

    And, the Baud Rate slider indicator oscillates between green and red.

    Any significance ? Doesn't seem to effect anything ?

    Is there an adj. for ? If so, what should it be set at ?

    Now, back to YAND, and why I can't get it to decode also ??

    Thanks, and regards,


  • did you look at the HF schedule that is in the esxtension window?

    I think that the red/green is normal, just noise...

  • Honolulu on 12579 booming in here in western NY @ 1330Z

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