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restart KIWI during DRM decoding

Good morning...

I would like to report a problem that happened today:

While I was listening to a broadcast in DRM the audio signal and the cascade stopped.

After exiting Mozilla and re-entering KIWI without the latter having restarted, I found all the labels present without the timetable. Precisely, not all the labels I created and which should have been there at that timetable, but all the labels created by me within 24 hours and which had to appear or disappear according to the time I had set at the time of creation.



when I wrote the problem I hadn't checked the KIWI LOG....

the KIWI really restarted from scratch, so while listening to the transmission in DRM the device underwent a spontaneous restart.

I specify that it is powered by a battery UPS so it is not a question of a voltage drop

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